Matías will be giving a lecture at the Tucson Museum of Art on April 24th. Tucson Museum of Art + info

Casa Mirador got 3rd place at "Building of the Year" competition in Plataforma Arquitectura. Plataforma Arquitectura + info

Lets vote! Casa Mirador is finalist for "Building of the Year" in Plataforma Arquitectura. Plataforma Arquitectura + info

In colaboration with Beals+Lyon Architects we won the competition for the new National Congress Library in historical downtown Santiago. The design should be completed during 2013. More info coming soon Plataforma Arquitectura + info La Tercera + info

Estudio Palma has just launched a beautiful short movie of Casa Mirador Estudio Palma + info.

Casa Mirador was featured in the october issue of Revista Ambientes. The publication includes beautiful pictures by Marcos Zegers. + info.

Our recently completed project Casa Mirador made the cover on the last issue of Vivienda & Decoración magazine + info.

Construction of Casa Mirador is published in Plataforma Arquitectura + info


Chaguales Residence
Catapilco, Chile 2011
In Progress

The twisted forms of the mesquite trees standing on the semi desert field are the evidence of the constant winds form the Pacific coast some 20km to the west.
A rammed earth form defines an inner space protected from the wind.
One access through a narrow way between the rammed earth structure and a rusted steel wall.
The access patio is a terrace facing south looking over an army of chaguales plants to the far mountains. A fire pit invites to sit and contemplate the view.
A large roof structure houses the living areas. The ridge slopes down from east to west, transforming a double pitched roof at one end into a “v” shape roof at the other.

The master bedroom is a collection of spaces; a low ceiling hallway the ends in a built-in day bed that receives the afternoon sun.
The sleeping area is cozy and narrow with a full size glazed opening to a private patio.
Two swinging frosted glass doors separate the bathroom from the room. When the doors are open the bedroom has access to the view to the wash through the boudoir window. In this position the WC and shower rooms remain as independent rooms.
When the doors are closed from the bedroom, the bathroom transforms into a long and narrow private place.
At the end, a raised built in tub with a wood shutter opens to the courtyard.

Architect in Charge: Matías Zegers
Team: Matías Zegers, Juan Eduardo Ojeda, Catarina Parra
Ilustrations: Matías Zegers OESTE techo nuevo.jpg fuego_2.jpg ABIERTO.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg