Matías will be giving a lecture at the Tucson Museum of Art on April 24th. Tucson Museum of Art + info

Casa Mirador got 3rd place at "Building of the Year" competition in Plataforma Arquitectura. Plataforma Arquitectura + info

Lets vote! Casa Mirador is finalist for "Building of the Year" in Plataforma Arquitectura. Plataforma Arquitectura + info

In colaboration with Beals+Lyon Architects we won the competition for the new National Congress Library in historical downtown Santiago. The design should be completed during 2013. More info coming soon Plataforma Arquitectura + info La Tercera + info

Estudio Palma has just launched a beautiful short movie of Casa Mirador Estudio Palma + info.

Casa Mirador was featured in the october issue of Revista Ambientes. The publication includes beautiful pictures by Marcos Zegers. + info.

Our recently completed project Casa Mirador made the cover on the last issue of Vivienda & Decoración magazine + info.

Construction of Casa Mirador is published in Plataforma Arquitectura + info


Restaurant Gabriela
Santiago, Chile 2010
Built A galvanized steel cladding on the further wall from the terrace reflects the natural light distortioned by the objects on “v” shaped shelves. The floor made out of reclaimed railroad sleepers is a colored rug contrasting with the cold steel cladding.
The low ceiling, which made de space feel compressed, is dissolved by a rack of steel pipes that hides also al the technical equipment for lighting and climate system.
Architects: Matías Zegers, Carlos Bisbal, Felipe dell'Orto, Andrés Zegers
Photographs: Elisa Bertelsen