Matías will be giving a lecture at the Tucson Museum of Art on April 24th. Tucson Museum of Art + info

Casa Mirador got 3rd place at "Building of the Year" competition in Plataforma Arquitectura. Plataforma Arquitectura + info

Lets vote! Casa Mirador is finalist for "Building of the Year" in Plataforma Arquitectura. Plataforma Arquitectura + info

In colaboration with Beals+Lyon Architects we won the competition for the new National Congress Library in historical downtown Santiago. The design should be completed during 2013. More info coming soon Plataforma Arquitectura + info La Tercera + info

Estudio Palma has just launched a beautiful short movie of Casa Mirador Estudio Palma + info.

Casa Mirador was featured in the october issue of Revista Ambientes. The publication includes beautiful pictures by Marcos Zegers. + info.

Our recently completed project Casa Mirador made the cover on the last issue of Vivienda & Decoración magazine + info.

Construction of Casa Mirador is published in Plataforma Arquitectura + info


Mobler Showroom
Santiago, Chile 2010
Built A 100+ yr old adobe house was adapted into a contemporary furniture showroom.
The showroom was laid out around the existing courtyard.
The existing adobe walls where sliced in order to open up the space creating a continuous space while defining individual niches for specific exhibitions.
Reused 8x1” pine boards where used for almost all the renovation; slim columns around the courtyard, lighting system and exterior veneering.
On the exterior the wood was protected with ancient Shou Sugi Ban technique
Architect in Charge: Matías Zegers
Team: Matías Zegers, Andrés Zegers, Carlos Bisbal, Felipe dell'Orto
Client: Mobler